Vom: 20.08.2012

Pimcore in Version 1.4.7

Pimcore wurde in Version 1.4.7 veröffentlicht. Es wurden hauptsächlich Bugs gefixt und ein paar kleine Verbesserungen vorgenommen:


  • [PIMCORE-1585] - Video preview creation in backend fails
  • [PIMCORE-1593] - JS Minifier causes external scripts not to be included
  • [PIMCORE-1596] - after Document::render() not the correct layout script is set
  • [PIMCORE-1598] - Zend_Form_Decorator_Captcha_ReCaptcha leads to JS-Error in Internet Explorer
  • [PIMCORE-1602] - Renderlet throws error: Class: Document_Folder => call to undefined method getTemplate
  • [PIMCORE-1604] - Installation of plugin can throw exception on forced reload
  • [PIMCORE-1606] - On Asset Upload Version-User is not updated
  • [PIMCORE-1611] - Wrong Debug Message in Pimcore_Model_Cache::load()
  • [PIMCORE-1618] - Static routing for Document Folder
  • [PIMCORE-1619] - Unpublished documents are shown by Pimcore_View_Helper_PimcoreNavigation_Controller
  • [PIMCORE-1624] - Alt + s problem on polish keyboard, so that people from poland can't write their "ś" char (just like: PIMCORE-524)


  • [PIMCORE-530] - Drop target do not accept anything in Safari/Webkit
  • [PIMCORE-1506] - Park Objects without checking for mandatory fields
  • [PIMCORE-1549] - New Redis Cache Backend Class (related to PIMCORE-1534)
  • [PIMCORE-1578] - possibility to cleanup (empty) translations (admin/website)
  • [PIMCORE-1589] - Zend Framework 1.11.12 Upgrade
  • [PIMCORE-1601] - Too many "are you sure you want to leave this page" messages when leaving
  • [PIMCORE-1603] - Document_Tag_Video only allows "autoplay" Option of YouTube API
  • [PIMCORE-1612] - Update the less compiler to the latest build (0.3.5)
  • [PIMCORE-1625] - Looping through an areablock twice causes an infinite loop
  • [PIMCORE-1629] - Google API's: Possibility to define a deviant browser key

New Feature

  • [PIMCORE-1580] - Add feature to download Assets from an URL
  • [PIMCORE-1613] - Link to Frontend Page on Right Click on the Navigation Tree
  • [PIMCORE-1626] - Open document from URL (in "File" menu)


  • [PIMCORE-1594] - Safari is not recognized as a supported browser